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 Power Tools Batteries, Gateway on the storage of electrical energy vehicles

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PostSubject: Power Tools Batteries, Gateway on the storage of electrical energy vehicles   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:26 pm

Batteries for power instruments and lawn mowers are increasingly arriving for resemble the electric auto or truck industry for energy storage. Three-year starter battery Amarah Corp. at Monday began selling it is first product, batteries just for power tools and flowerbed tools, about a season before it intends to be able to introduce large-format batteries intended for electric vehicles.
The company says the vitality Tool Battery from their cell - you've gotten just been released for PowerTools is usually a cell 18650, the size on the AA battery - usually lasts longer than other batteries in the same applications. Use batteries instead of gasoline in a conventional lawn mower have a look at stroke eliminates emissions the same as 11 trucks driving driving on the road for an hour. Menlo Dog park, programming company based with California, and he had believed he planned to mail its first cells on the fourth quarter.

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Amarah, formerly often called the Lion of any cells exited stealth mode in December with the ambitious goal of reaching a capacity in making 8 million cells because of the end of this season. Even if it has already raised nearly $ 20 trillion of funding from Wide variety Ventures and Nth Power, the company told us in December that he or she is seeking more profit.
Imara is also on the list of battery companies seeking stimulation funding. In April, it said it was subsequently seeking between $80 thousand and $100 million from government to build your factory.
Although Imara is definitely the first product, electric software, the company is amongst the packaging companies to chase the lithium ion moving market. The spokesman said the manufacturer is preparing for large-format lazer printer cells - vehicles, attributed out next year.
Not necessarily uncommon for companies, especially start-ups trying to find electric vehicles starting with an existing industry such seeing that power tools. A123Systems and PowerGenix adopted this process. Because power tools, which includes electric vehicles require large measures of electricity, batteries that run them become more alike than those whom drive, said mobile handsets.
As Josie pointed to this fact article GigaOM Pro (subscription required), sales of one's storage technology in markets that include electronics, power tools and lawn mowers is a springboard for companies on the vehicle 聽emerging market. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Power Tools Batteries, Gateway on the storage of electrical energy vehicles
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