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 The Best Time To Visit Malaysia

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PostSubject: The Best Time To Visit Malaysia   Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:00 pm

Can't we visit Malaysia anytime of the year? 營s visiting at a specific time really that important? 燱hat are the things you need to consider when planning to visit Malaysia? 燭hese are some of the concerns that I will be addressing in this article.
Can't we visit Malaysia anytime of the year? 營s visiting at a specific time really that important? 燱hat are the things you need to consider when planning to visit Malaysia? 燭hese are some of the concerns that I will be addressing in this article.
Just like vacationing in any other county in the world, there are periods in a year when a vacation in Malaysia would allow you the chance to experience more than other times of the year. 燭here are three important things to take into consideration when it comes to planning a trip here and this includes the weather, festivals and school holidays. 燣et's consider each of these factors individually.
The Weather
Like any other tropical country, Malaysia is blessed with only two seasons; Hot and Wet. 燗ctually it is wet and hot throughout the year but there are periods when it does get a whole lot wetter. 營t is the Monsoon Season that determines how wet it will get and it occurs in the months of October to February each year. 燱hen the Monsoon Season occurs, the country experiences more rain than other periods and this gets even worst on the East Coast which encounters strong winds that causes the sea to be too choppy for boats to travel on. 營f you do visit Malaysia during this season, you may only be able to travel around the West Coast which mainly consists of cities and towns. 營t is also during this season that many of the island resorts would be closed and it would also be difficult for you to find anyone willing to take you out on a boat ride or scuba diving. Even if you are on the mainland, the things you can do would be limited. Trips to the highland areas would be ill advised because of landslides and the rain forests would be too wet and uncomfortable to visit. So try to avoid this period if you are planning any activities out of doors.
If you plan your trip well you might arrive in time for one of Malaysia's main festivals. This would give you the best opportunity to experience Malaysian culture and cuisine. Malaysians celebrate three major festivals that you should try as best as you can to attend, which are Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali.
Chinese New Year is held on the first day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 燭hese dates would change each year and do not follow the common calendar cycle but if you visit my website which is linked below this article I have list the dates for the coming festivals. Even though Chinese New Year is celebrated for a month, try your best to visit on at least the first two days since that is the peak of the celebrations. During this festival, you would have the opportunity to witness Lion Dances all over the country, light up loud fire crackers all around and indulge yourself in juicy, sweet Mandarin Oranges.
The word Hari Raya actually means Day of Celebration for the Muslim community. There are in fact two Hari Rayas, which are Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Haji. Even though they are both equally important to the celebrants it would be better for you to opt for Hari Raya Aidilfitri which will allow you a better experience of the Malay culture. Prior the start of this Hari Raya, the Muslim would fast for a full month. Visiting Malaysia at this fasting period would allow you a chance to sample various cakes and cookies, a number of which are usually not made at other times in the year. The dates for both the Hari Raya follow the Muslim Calender so I have also prepared the future dates in my website.
Deepavali is the Hindu celebration of Light which is held during the month of October or November each year. You will be able to find the exact dates in my website. The Hindu houses are brightly lit with a lot of lamps and if you do visit one of these houses, you would get to taste so many Indian cuisine that would tingle your taste buds for a long time.
School Holidays
As much as humanly possible, avoid coming to Malaysia during the Malaysian School Holidays like it was the plague. This is because of two major reasons. Firstly, this is also when the locals themselves would be out on vacation and you would be faced with crowds of people in all the holiday spots, not to mention traffic jams that would definitely slow you down. The next reason is that the resorts and hotels here would increase their prices during these periods and you would need to pay substantially more for lodging. If you manage to avoid the school holidays you will enjoy a more peaceful vacation and get better rates almost everywhere. Since they do not put up forecasted holidays for the following years, I don't have it on my website but if you Google it, you are bound to find the dates.

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The Best Time To Visit Malaysia
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