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 Does Samsung galaxy fit named right

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PostSubject: Does Samsung galaxy fit named right   Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:44 pm

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->The Samsung mobile company has named its entry level smartphone model as the Samsung galaxy fit. The biggest question is that, will this model really meet the expectations of the company and the smartphone market. Read on, to know where it exactly fits in the market. Samsung has already manufactured a number of smartphones with Galaxy range. This model is certainly compact, and it fits into your pocket without any trouble. It measures about 110.2 * 61.2 * 12.6 mm, and weights around 108g. The phone is made of plastics and it nicely curved to give a trendy look and neat finish. The back part of the phone looks a bit cheap but it is solid enough to hold in hand. It has a wide dsiaply of 3.31 inch screen, with a resolution of 240 *320. The pixel density is on the lower side, and so you can expect a display of just 4:3 ratios.
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The controls present in this Samsung galaxy is purely based on the Samsung norms with the central home button and other touch controls for menu and back. The home button when pressed for long shows up the recently opened applications, along with the link to the task manager. On the other hand, when the menu button is pressed for long, it brings up the search. You can find the 3.5mm headphone jack and the micro USB port on the top of the phone. The volume and power/ standby buttons are found on the adjacent sides of the phone. The Samsung galaxy fit allows a reasonably smooth navigation, and gives you plenty of unique options for customization. You can rearrange, add or remove homepages. Also, you can add your choice of widgets and shortcuts to make the phone your own. You can enjoy all the basic Android features as in other Android Smartphones. Outside the core offerings, Samsung has included the QuickOffice Feature for the purpose of viewing documents. This is the major highlight of the phone. The keyboard that comes with standard features allows easy text input. The touch screen is actually good, and you will never have problem while entering text, though the navigation is noticeably slower. The media support is on the lower-end side, so you will not be able to enjoy the high end display or video. The music player is a standard one. The Samsung galaxy fit price is expected to be around Rs 12,000. Wilson Roy is a well known author and has written articles on Htc mobile price, Laptops store, LG Cookie Pep GD510, online shop and many other subjects. <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Does Samsung galaxy fit named right
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