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 Lessen Costs of Outsourcing to Highly-Skilled Staff in the Philippines.

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PostSubject: Lessen Costs of Outsourcing to Highly-Skilled Staff in the Philippines.   Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:10 pm

Approximately 3 million new graduates of the Philippines' world-class higher education system enter the job market each year. In addition, Manila boasts a solid professional certification and moving forward education system, providing developers and other skilled workers with additional qualifications which include Microsoft and Cisco qualifications, as well as sales and customer service training. It is possible to uncover staff with virtually any specialization while in the Philippines. Not only of which, many of the global leading high-tech companies just like IBM, Dell, Samsung, and Texas Instruments get made large investments in their operations in the Philippines, so many job candidates have extensive experience at multinational corporations producing work into the highest international standards. Until the emergence of the BPO industry in the Philippines, the local economy was not able to support the millions for skilled and highly as good local workers who enter the workforce per year, forcing the new workers to join millions of other Filipinos at present working abroad in menial jobs that leave no use of their skills and keep individuals far away from family and friends. The result is your pent-up demand for proficient positions that creates a positive environment for BPO's wanting to hire skilled workers. This is in stark contrast with other offshoring centers which include India where finding and keeping employees is a serious challenge. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Next and obviously, the engine that activates the outsourcing industry in any developing country is its cheaper of doing business. The Philippines excels in this area, especially with regard to labor costs. The minimum daily wage in the Philippines is approximately $8 everyday and the starting net income for college graduates coming from good schools begins at around $300 per 30 days. Salaries in the southern part of the country tend to be slightly lower than in Manila but Manila supplies the largest pool of experienced workers, as well as being the best English speakers. Other products and services that benefit from very low labor costs, such as office rental, professional products, office supplies, food and lodging are also extremely reasonable in the particular Philippines. Taxes and health care costs are also a great deal cheaper than in created countries. Cost savings are significantly less great for products that must be sourced from abroad, such as computers; and for telecommunication services such as internet access. Overall, however, a company can expect to save over 50% with staffing costs by outsourcing while in the Philippines. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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Lessen Costs of Outsourcing to Highly-Skilled Staff in the Philippines.
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